Digital Strategy Consultancy

We use technology solutions to solve business problems, helping SMEs around Southern Africa scale.

Digital Strategy

We are a digital strategy consultancy providing digital strategy consulting services to help you build and modernize your online infrastucture to increase efficiency, implement digital marketing, automate processes and open up new streams of revenue.

Market Research

We carry out in-depth market research on trends emerging in your market including: new technologies shaping your market, customer satisfaction, key driver analysis, market size and market opportunities helping you understand problem areas in your business, identification of new opportunities and changing market trends, setting achievale targets for business growth, all to make better informed market decision and develop more effective strategies.


We go beyond the typical strategy consultants. We aide in the implementation of technologies required to scale your business and modernize your online infrastructure. Hooros accomplishes this using the combination of our team's experience and our internal curated freelance database of data scientists, software engineers, digital marketers, salesforce consultants and copywriters to deliver cost-effective yet highly effective and modern solutions allowing you to enjoy the benefits of digitization without leaving a huge dent in your wallet.

Business Optimization

Our role doesn't stop after the implementation stage. A digital strategy is a fluid process, your strategy must adapt to socio-economic changes and changes within your business. Through analytics and optimization Hooros ensures that your strategy is always aligned to your business's objectives.

The Process

How we work

So you're keen to work with Hooros? Here is how we operate.

  • Select a package

    Select a package based on your business stage and needs. After submitting your information we will work with you, asking probing questions to find out more about your business, your business objectives and pain points you are experiencing. This will give us a better understanding of what we can do to help your business

  • Strategy

    Based on the information we receive from you and extensive research we carry out on your market, trends within your market and technologies that can help your business, we will compile a digital strategy proposal outlining how we can help you. This will be followed by more discussions/visitations to get a better feel of how your business operates and how we can optimize your digital strategy

  • Implementation and Analytics

    We will then proceed to implement your digital strategy and develop any software or marketing campaigns required to help your business. If you so wish we will continue to provide analytics, marketing and optimization services to ensure that your digital strategy adapts to your changing business needs

Meet the Hooros Team

Meet the team that makes Hooros tick.