Hooros Digital

We help you build cost-effective MVPs and custom software, helping you understand everything along the way

Why use Hooros?

Here are the benefits of using Hooros.

  • Pricing

    Hourly rates create bad incentives and can easily result in escalated costs that exceed your initial budget. We remove this by giving you a fixed quotation for all the work we do. To give you ease of mind, we only demand a third of the overall amount in the beginning of the project, a third after we meet a pre-defined milestone and a third after the completion of the project

  • Support

    For our software and MVP services, we offer 30 day free support. During this period, we will work on any bugs and fixes to ensure your software works the way it should.

  • Transparency

    Whatever the services you have requested, we will provide a backend to help keep you up to date with the current updates regarding your project. We will break your project down into clear deliverable timelines for your convenience.

Meet the Hooros Team

Meet the team that makes Hooros tick.