What is digital strategy

Digital strategy as envisioned by Hooros involves strengthening your business through the application of technology, software, data, analytics and digital branding in a battle to improve customer engagement, customer satisfaction, business efficiency and business growth.

As a business operating in the 21st century it is a must to have a solid digital presence. We believe that a digital presence only goes as far as the quality of the business behind it. Hooros works to improve your business on both the front and back end using the most appropriate and innovative digital tools to help you grow with a focus on:  


Customer loyalty and experience

Customer experience is an integral part of your business strategy. A good customer experience creates greater customer satisfaction which translates to higher customer loyalty. The proliferation of smartphones, instant gratification through e-commerce and on-demand services, what is meant by a good user experience has changed. Customers demand an omni-channel services that includes having a physical store and a website that allows them to browse your catalogue of products/services and making instant purchases or bookings. Implementing these systems makes your customers happier and a result more loyal and more likely to spend money on your services or product.


Business Process Automation

Your digital presence needs to be coupled by the automation of non-core services, allowing you to spend less time on things such as accounting, admin, handling simple online customer queries and deliveries, so you can focus on growing your business. Through Internet of Things (IoT) and other digital business efficiency platforms, you can create an all-in-one method to increase efficiency in your business processes, team communication, and much more.


Upselling/Cross Selling

Questions of upselling and cross selling are always key to any business focused on increasing profitability. Through digitalization your business creates new interfaces that you can use to cross-sell/up-sell value added services to your clients at key points during the customer journey.

If for example you run a small hotel in Zimbabwe you need to be thinking about how ways to cross sell value added services such as room-services and tour packages through the online booking process, the customer verification process and through the implementation of an online check-in process. By increasing the points at which you can upsell value added services to your customers you create the opportunity to improve your revenue per available room (RevPAR) metric.



The importance of customer data should not be underestimated. Although SMEs may not have the capacity to collect data at scale, the little data you can collect through the adoption of a full stack digital strategy, can allow you to start making predictions about customer behaviour and habits to optimize your processes, increasing your revenue per customer.

Any clothing stores in the Cape Town region looking to scale? For you we’d sit down with you and your team to assess your business and your vision. We could provide solutions such as an e-commerce store to help increase your market reach and reduce customer friction. Through implementation of an omni-channel strategy that caters for the psychological need for instant gratification we can begin to monitor your data to give you a clear breakdown of who your potential customers are, their age group, their sentiments and from where they are visiting your site. Through incorporating digital marketing strategies to reach out to your website visitors and customers who visit your physical store we can start making inferences about your customers’ behaviours and give you actionable insight to increase the revenue you gain from each customer. We can handle your analytics, let you keep complete ownership, or work together to achieve a specific business goal.


Digital Transformation of company culture

As an SME it is important to be at the forefront of innovation through transforming your business into an agile culture that embraces change and real-time feedback from not only your customers but your employees. Through the implementation of automated online and mobile surveys to anonymously assess employee sentiments, we help your business increase customer retention rates by making sure you are provided with a regular update of what your employees feel about your business and their future in your business.

Using digital tools we also integrate project management tools to ensure there are processes available to keep all your employees aligned with your business objectives, or just to keep yourself on track.


Creating Partnerships

Collaborations between businesses can help you operate in new markets or help augment your business.Through extensive market research, Hooros will help you discover partnership opportunities that may help you grow your business and help you scale your operations or increase efficiency throughout your offerings.


Let’s Work Together 

Digitalization encompasses a broad spectrum of exciting tools and strategies that are meant to empower you to grow your business. This is only the beginning for Hooros. We are an explorative, always curious team and will keep on learning and implementing new technologies to best serve our clients. We focus on cost-effectiveness through using our hub of super-freelancers with a wide variety of skill sets to implement the solutions you select.

We are interested in finding out more about you!


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