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So  it’s graduation day, your friends and family are smiling around you, proud of your achievements. Burning the midnight oil worked, you have finally got the law degree you’ve worked so hard for. This is just the beginning of your learning journey. Real learning starts when you secure articles at a law firm that can train you well enough for your chosen profession. If you do not manage to secure articles a big or mid sized firms there is no guarantee that you will receive good training. There are numerous law firms springing up on a daily basis and if you are not careful, you might end up working at a firm that does not have the necessary clientele to ensure that you get adequate training in the sector you care most about. If you have an active interest in commercial law, you do not want to end up in a law firm that focuses purely on divorce issues. Unfortunately, in many cases you do not have much of a choice – you want to secure articles as quickly as possible so that you do not waste time sitting at home doing nothing. We’re here to let you know – The problem is not with you, the problem is with the system.


A lot of firms require that a prospective candidate attorney apply in advance for their candidate attorney vacancies, which in itself is not a bad thing, but they also want you to have immaculate grades with the presumption that your grades are the best indicator of your ability to excel as a candidate attorney, a presumption based on fact that you are fresh out of university and probably have very little, if any, practical experience. This is where the problem begins to unfold itself. While university grades are a valid metric in measuring your rote learning skills, ability to regurgitate information in an acceptable manner, and your ability to work towards a clearly defined goal within a structured environment, university grades do not measure your cognitive ability, reasoning skills, your ability to adapt your reasoning to match your particular context, nor do they measure your work ethic and emotional intelligence and maturity.


There are numerous extraneous factors that could, and often do influence a person’s grades in university. Factors such as; your extraversion/introversion, nutrition, living conditions, the subjectivity of marking standards across different universities, campuses and years, family conditions, state of mind and motivation to achieve while at university. All of these factors could greatly affect your grades and they would probably never be taken into consideration by the recruitment/HR team focused on ticking boxes when looking at your candidate attorney application form.


Our goal is to build a curated hiring marketplace with candidate attorney vacancies to replace traditional law firm recruitment with a platform that will, instead of using your grades as an indicator of your ability, create tests to assess your cognitive ability, reasoning skills, your adaptability, reading comprehension, commercial acumen (if you wish to work at a commercial law firm) and emotional intelligence – test scores that are not as easily affected by extraneous conditions such as your grades and factors, but will actually convey your raw ability and talent as a future candidate attorney. We have a vision to create a platform that helps intelligent law students stand out and show their true ability to excel as a candidate attorney  to law firms.


Together, we can shift the scales to let you, as a candidate attorney shine, providing a more robust and realistic hiring process. At Hooros we promise to keep working to develop the most accurate tests to fairly measure what we can- things we hope that will help to break the mold of typical rigid legal vacancies. Keep your profile updated and let your personality shine through. We have law firms with candidate attorney vacancies on our platform that are eager to see what you’ve got. Welcome to Hooros. Welcome to your future.