University education on its own will not maximize your potential

With the rising tide for the call for free education and the decommodification of education which is without a doubt a noble cause it is important to keep reality in perspective. One of the biggest misconceptions we have when entering into University is that the attainment of a University degree guarantees success.

The history of the concept of University as we know it can be traced back to the Middle Ages, or as far back as the 6th Century, depending on what you define as a University. The underlying purpose of this institution was the advancement of education, this institution has gradually evolved to an institutions where individuals acquire the necessary theoretical training to pursue a particular profession/career.

Truth be told however, University does not adequately prepare you for the working world. For most graduates, University seems, in retrospect, like a necessary indulgence to get a piece of paper that gives you some level of credibility to apply and hopefully be employed for an entry level position. Depending on the degree you completed, particularly if your pursue a non-career specific degree (law, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, accounting) you may not even end up working in a field related to the degree you pursued in University.

Education on its own is not the key to success, skills development is. As long we are not developing skills that are actually useful in the working environment we are not maximizing our learning potential and our potential to attain success (career, entrepreneurial or otherwise). This is why Hooros has endeavored to create an environment that maximizes the potential for skills development in Africa. By allowing talented people of all ages and qualifications who pass our initial vetting to freelance with International clients through Hooros, we grant talented freelancers and freelancers who are experts in their respective fields, the ability to gain more practical experience and to challenge themselves further while having work flexibility and an extra source of income to spend on your upkeep and on the finer things in life.

This is our revolution, maximizing people’s potential.